Tuscan style potato soup

If you like delicious foods and don’t like gaining 1,000 pounds in one sitting, this recipe is for you.

A soup with TOPPINGS!

We swapped out our traditional garlic mashed taters for this Cooking Light potato soup recipe.  Trust me, not a single person missed the mash.

Make it.

The recipe is pretty complicated (has lots of steps), so I’ll leave that to the people at Cooking Light.

-buy a little extra chicken broth in case you want to thin it out a bit
-we accidentally skipped the pancetta and life was ok
-the kale is for a kale/pesto awesomeness that you use as a garnish

Any recipe that calls for two heads of roasted garlic is a friend of mine.

Seriously though.  Try it out for the holiday season.  You won’t regret it.



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