Holiday gift ideas

Bonjour, my little internet friends!  I hope the holiday season has been treating you kindly so far.  In case any of you are feeling extra generous to a complete stranger, I’ve decided to post my holiday wish list.

Ok ok, I know you’re not going to buy me anything, but these are some great ideas for the people you love.

The first item was featured on Pioneer Woman, but I would just like to state that these have been on my wish list for 2 years now.  So I ain’t stealin none o’ dem idears.

Glitter Toms--Nothing more festive and fun for the lazy, yet decorative gal.

The second gift is a bit out of my price range, but it is seriously the best gift anyone could give.

iPad. Perfect gift for anybody that enjoys anything.

The next gift is perfect for new homeowners or frequent hosts.  I own a set of these and love love love them!  They may or may not be appearing again in my blog soon (hint hint).

Zak Confetti Mixing Bowls

For pet lovers, the Kong is beyond wonderful (toys for cats and dogs).  I wouldn’t have believed how much of a lifesaver this toy was until we got Josie.  Miracles, people.  Miracles.

Stuff this with treats and your pup will be entertained for hours.

I hope this list at least sparked some ideas for your holiday season.

I bought 95% of my holiday gifts off of in a 2 hour sitting.  Nobody got anything that didn’t have Free Super Saver Shipping as an option.  That’s right…FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL!!!

I can’t tell you how good it feels to avoid the mall.

What’s on your list this holiday season?  Do you brave it at the mall or are you an online shopper like me?



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11 thoughts on “Holiday gift ideas

    • They do indeed!
      I don’t know how I missed free super saver shipping until this year *smacks forehead*.
      I also just found out about Amazon Prime…$80 a year and you get “free” 2 day shipping for a year. I think there is a 30 day trial version, so it would be perfect to sign up for the holiday shopping!

  1. I shop at the mall — but with my flexible schedule, I can be there when it opens (on a weekday) and completely avoid the crowds. That definitely helps with the Christmas spirit!

  2. Great list! I agree with the online shopping I don’t know what I would do without it. Who wouldn’t love a nice shiny iPad under the tree :O)

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