Long Beach Aquarium makes me hungry for seafood!

So, my parents came to visit California from Minnesota for Thanksgiving.  This fact seems to be of great suspicion to everyone, but it does not mean that I am engaged.  They simply wanted to see where I live.

In order to do that, Jonathan and I took them on a big ole field trip to the Long Beach Aquarium!

I love love love any place that houses animals (even though I’m not entirely convinced they shouldn’t be left alone in the wild), so this was mucho exciting for me.

Nemos and Doris

We saw some pretty cool shark, sea otter, and sea lion shows, but of course we didn’t take any pictures of those.

The next night we actually ate some jellyfish…not my favorite Chinese delicacy.  They are chewy and chewy and chewy and…are ya still chewin?


Sea Dragon

The whole time we were so stoked to see all of the fun fishies and see the shows, but each and every one of us ordered a fish taco for lunch.  Sick personalities or simply the effects of priming?  You decide.



Field trips are for adults too!!



2 thoughts on “Long Beach Aquarium makes me hungry for seafood!

  1. Oh dear god, after you showed a picture of the jellyfish and then said that you ate jellyfish (I think I’ve seen this on the menu before?), I was deeply afraid when I saw the seahorse picture that you were going to say you ate those too. Hahahahahaha. I love it.

    • haha I’m sure somebody somewhere eats seahorses. I’m pretty sure they are a-sexual critters…that always fascinated me.
      Seriously though, jellyfish should only be observed from afar.

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