If today was Twitter

Some of the mystery is gone when you are about to say something really romantic and special to your boyfriend and you accidentally burp in his face.

Sunny and 60 with snow on the mountains. Loving California today!

Getting the leftovers from a ten person feast is neither awesome nor winning…unless the leftovers can somehow remove my back fat.

I love when you say “just a little cream cheese” at a bagel shop and they decide that means using only Half of the tub instead of the whole thing. Woof.

If every morning could start with a latte my life would be complete.

When asked how he looks so young, Jonathan’s uncle replied with, “I don’t have any stress”. Note to self: retire in your forties.

Found out yesterday I will be making the entire Thanksgiving meal for at least 8 people after being told it was canceled. I need to channel Pioneer Woman and Bobby Flay somehow.

How is it that the iTrip is the most advanced technology we have for playing iPods in the car. They STINK!


3 thoughts on “If today was Twitter

    • We can definitely blame the iTrip. The only time it has ever worked without interference was through the plains of Omaha.
      I bought one of those cassette to iPod devices…works like a charm!

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