What’s goat cheese in spanish?

Ok team.  We know I am cheap.  I love deals and savings and thrift and pennies saved.

Enter: The Mexican Food4Less

I don’t know if you have Food4Less where you are from, but I have just discovered it’s existence in California.  Not only that, but the family I work for lives about 2 blocks from one.

For Midwesterners: Imagine a smaller Costco with the prices of Aldi and the diversity of the food court at the Mall of America.

Simply amazing.

I found myself constantly saying, “Wait, it’s 98 cents?!  Isn’t there one for 49 cents?”  Everything was that cheap.

I bought spices and booze and produce and meats and cheeses and holiday snacks and it was all only $75!!!  We’re talking food for a month at that price.

Downside?  I don’t know Spanish so I had to guess at a lot of products hahahaha.  I am crazy.

Seriously though.  How am I supposed to know what kind of cheese it is if there isn’t a picture of a goat on the front?

Loving the little things.



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