Is that…string?!?

Hello everyone,

I haven’t posted about Josie in like 5 hours or something, so I needed to get on that.

Our little pup is adjusting just fine.  Walking on a leash.  Goes potty *mostly* outside.  Can “sit” and “leave it”.  Sleeps in her bathroom/bedroom without whining.  And is finding new fascination in biting cables and toes with her razor sharp teeth.

Really, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

However, our little babe just had a case of the WORMS!!! dah dah dah (cue horror music)

Skip this next part if worms/pooh gross you out too much

Basically a tapeworm comes from ingesting an infected flea (don’t ask me how this happened…hopefully there are no fleas in our apartment).  The tapeworm grows in segments that look like tape and those segments fall out of the pup into the poop and sometimes just out into the bed.  The segments look like uncooked rice (this is what I found in her bed this morning), which is actually a sac of eggs.  So we give her the good meds and all of a sudden Jonathan sees string hanging out of her butt.  So he pulls…NOT STRING!!!  It was a dead 8 inch long tapeworm!!!  I really wish I could have seen it because it’s a total science experiment.  She has been given flea meds too, so hopefully we are done with this cycle.  Apparently it’s really common in most places, but not in MN because they don’t survive the cold.  Oh, and yes, I’m totally paranoid I have fleas and totally had nightmares last night.


Here are some new pics.  She’s starting to get a little more photogenic.


Not only am I head over heels for the pup, but I’m very excited to work on my animal photography.  YAY!

Have you ever had a pet with worms?  Any horror stories or advice?


15 thoughts on “Is that…string?!?

  1. Poor baby! I hope she kicks it soon! My little man never had worms, or any sickness / injury, so we feel super lucky. I melt down into tears when he gets a bug bite or a belly ache, so I can only imagine.

    Also, she is so cute it makes my heart hurt. And, I LOVE her yellow rhinestone collar.


    • Oh, I’m just a wreck worried about her all day. I think that’s called being a mom or something.
      The collar is a kitty collar, which is the only thing that fits her right now!

    • ohhhhhhhh woof! We haven’t had any of that. Just the “strings” and little rice-looking baby sacs in her bed. It’s kinda gross, but I can’t fathom the carpet stains of Stan’s mess.

  2. Your little dog is soooo cute!! What a little wrinkly face! Our cats never really got anything gross because they were inside cats, but one of them did like to chew on cords and cables and lace and doll hair. And then throw up all over the place. He completely destroyed my poor American Girl Doll’s hair one fateful evening.

  3. Adorable! She’s absolutely precious. My husband is convinced our next pooch will be a pug.

    Our little one–Dora–has never had worms, but she did have a major gastrointestinal issue last spring that resulted in uncontrollable doggy diarhea for almost 6 WEEKS! We tried medicine and put her on a strict (and unfortunately expensive) diet and nothing worked! We started fearing it was a permanent affliction. Eventually, as summer set in, it tapered off and there haven’t been problems since 🙂

    I hope your little guy starts feeling better soon 🙂

    • Holy moly. 6 weeks? And they couldn’t figure it out? Horrible.

      Pugs are awesome dogs. I guess you are supposed to be really diligent with their training though because they can turn out to be very stubborn. Mneh?

  4. Hi Mads,

    Such cute pictures! Poor baby though. Hopefully she’s feeling better now.

    To answer your Foodbuzz question. Foodbuzz is the #1 online food blogging community. You don’t need a food blog to join, but if you do you can apply to be a featured publisher which is a ton of fun.

    The site is if you want to check it out.


    • Amen, sistah.
      My boyfriend wanted a great dane, but I don’t think a dog that size would appreciate our 750 square foot apartment. haha
      What a cool gig!

  5. OMG…”NOT STRING!” Hilarious and vomit inducing at the same time!!! Bet he’ll never make that mistake again. DOH!

    What a cute puppy!!! Awwww! 🙂

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