It approaches…Thanksgiving, that is

Hi team,

Thanksgiving is only 1 week away.

That’s 7 days to come to terms with the fact that we aren’t Pioneer Woman vs. Bobby Flay, we are just human beings.  7 days to figure out how the heck everything is going to come out hot at the same time with only 1 oven. 7 days to decide how to feast like it’s our job without gaining a single pound.

I plan on eating like my newly gallbladder-free dad (low calorie and small portions).  Kat plans on running until her body falls apart.  Martha is heading to the Waffle House.  We all have our methods in place.

What’s your strategy for Thanksgiving?

Also, Thanksgiving always reminds me of this:



7 thoughts on “It approaches…Thanksgiving, that is

  1. I *try* to eat the same sized portion that I would at any other meal. Leaves room for the 3 pieces of pie that I will enevitably eat. I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by not trying their pie. Then I’ll probably run like 47 miles the next day.

  2. Basically, I avoid non-homemade foods at all costs.

    But let’s be serious, I’m going to two Thanksgiving dinners. I’m basically just eating. There is no “winning.”

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