The first 48 hours

Things I have discovered about owning a puppy, loving my man and myself, in the past 48 hours.

-Puppies have the same schedule as babies (terrible gas, poop, play/chew/destroy/mayhem (45 minutes), sleep (30 minutes), and repeat every 2 hours)

-I am convinced that I have the patience of a monk. Hahah

-Josie has very quickly wormed her way into our hearts. I have been running around with pictures like one proud and crazy mama.


-Jonathan is possibly the best person in the world to raise a living creature with. Holy cow. He makes my monk-like patience look ridiculously impatient.

-Puppies go very quickly from adorbes to a pain in the ass. I mean, there is just really nothing cute about breaking the skin on my feet with her little demon teeth and eating poop.

-I can’t wait until I have a baby that is even more trouble. Oh. No, wait. I can DEFINITELY wait.

-So. Worth. It. In so many ways.



9 thoughts on “The first 48 hours

  1. Little muffin! Good luck with puppyhood. I actually managed to escape it by adopting a 1 yr. rescue dog. However, he hasn’t quite outgrown the whole “sometimes I pee on the couch when I’m in a defiant mood” thing. In some ways, he is a 4.5 yr. old puppy ugh.

    She is too cute!


    • Thanks! I thought about the rescue dog thing, but I was too much of a chicken. I’m glad it worked out for you…puppyhood is tough.
      Can’t wait till she starts peeing on the furniture!

  2. Aw- So cute! She’s precious 🙂 My family and I have been trying to get a belgian shepard male pup for about 6 months now but it’s so hard getting a breeder in the area and then getting on waiting lists, etc. You have boosted my confidence though!

    • Oh what a cool looking dog that is! Good luck!
      It was insane looking for a breeder, and I was even willing to drive 2 hours. We just kept calling people and asking for referrals to other breeders if they didn’t have any pups. There were only 3 left when we found her, otherwise it would have been 6 months.
      Can’t wait to see pics when you find your little dude!

    • Oh man, the smell is adorable! The smell has already been replaced with peanut butter from her Kong toy, but thank goodness for that toy or my feet would be shredded.

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