The Lazy Kitchen’s Pizza

I’ve been sick.  My meals have mostly consisted of plain noodles, soup, and pulpy orange juice.  However, last night I was feeling a little more perky and Jonathan was looking at me with hungry puppy dog eyes…so I decided to whip something up.

I was definitely not feeling well enough to whip up a crust recipe, but we had a giant french loaf of bread that needed to be taken down.

The Ingredients:
-2 halves of french bread
-3 cloves garlic chopped
-4 Tbsp melted butter
-salt…LOTS of it this time (thanks readers!)
-4 slices fresh mozzarella
-4 slices tomato
-sprinkle of shredded parmesan


I put loads of butter, garlic, and salt on each slice of the bread.  Recipe for success people!

Topped each slice with mozzarella and tomato.

When I thought I had added enough salt, I added some more.  🙂

Then sprinkled the rest with parmesan cheese and baked at 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes.

SO TASTY!!!  Seriously, we could have eaten 6 loaves of this.  Delicious.

It took me about 10 minutes in prep time…the perfect dinner for my sickly little self.


8 thoughts on “The Lazy Kitchen’s Pizza

  1. Your fresh mozzarella looks fantastic on the pizzas! I haven’t made pizza with fresh mozzarella in a few months (I’ve been going with the less-cool shredded option), but your pictures remind me of how much better pizza is with thick slices of the fresh stuff.

    Hope you feel better soon 🙂

  2. French bread pizza is such a lifesaver. Everyone feels good. I should like to think that the mystical combination of bread, tomato and cheese has curative features.

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