I’m not dead yet

Well folks, I lasted only 3 weeks at my job taking care of kids before getting a massive head cold.  The only thing i can tell you is that the first thing my children will learn it to cover their coughs and wash their hands. Haha

Seriously though, there is a bug going around and My bag of toys is like a cesspool breeding ground for germs. The only things getting me through are pulpy orange juice and homemade chocolate chip cookies which keep finding their way into my mouth (seriously, the tub of cookies and I had a major date with the couch).

I found a job rather quickly after my move to Cali providing in-home therapy for kids/families with autism. Im pretty sure the only way to get a job in this economy is to make friends and network…seriously.

I really like it so far, even though I said I would never get a job like this (snot-nosed children were never my specialty, but debilitating disorders are), but here I am.  The only thing I’m truly worried about is burning out. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, I’m having fun with kids and contemplating grad school for a marriage and family therapy license.

My true dream has always been to work with the criminally insane, but i have no idea how to break into that field. Any ideas?

Have you had any crazy new work experiences? What are your dreams?



5 thoughts on “I’m not dead yet

  1. Kids will definitely build up your immunity. I am just now getting to the point where I don’t catch every cold my son brings home from school. I once worked (I use the term loosely as a quit after the first day) in a flower shop where the boss’ husband used to take naps in the back room on the floor where I had to step over him to actually do my work. This is why I only lasted a day, and thank god I didn’t wear a skirt to work on my first day.

  2. Mads! I cannot believe we have not caught up about this stuff! The parachute book… have you gotten into it yet? I am on week two working a fantastic gig with an event decoration business and I give a lot of credit to that book. I am spending about 10 hours a day setting up chandelier lights and fabric drapings for big old fancy weddings and posh marketing schemes and government awards nights and more! You have to work with the parachute and we haaaave to chat! (This week?)

    • Yes, I’ve worked on the book a bit, but it basically told me I have a lot of interests. 😦
      How is it that you are doing one of my dream jobs already?? I need to figure my life out

  3. I had a really vivid dream on Sunday night about the apocalypse a la Armageddon and 2012. It was incredibly bizarre, really given that I don’t dream and I really don’t vividly dream and then remember every detail. Go figure.

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