Just call me the Coupon Mom

(minus the mom part because I don’t have children)

If you’ve been reading my blog, then you know that Jonathan and I have been struggling to find our balance of grocery spending since moving in together.

Well folks, I think we may have found it!

Last night we did our shopping and ended up with a $52 tab!  Not bad at all 🙂

For starters, we went back to my original goals of coupon cutting, meal planning, and organizing.

Then we looked closely at deals at the store and realized that some of our coupons were still not as cheap as the store brands, but some of our coupons were able to be used in conjunction with store deals.  Woohoo!

Favorites on the list this week:

-Dannon light and fit vanilla (I know I know, it has aspartame, but find me an equally delicious yogurt without high fructose corn syrup)
-Snapea Crisps (not sure of the nutritional value, but they taste delicious and feel less guilty than chips)
-String Cheese!!! (if you buy the low moisture part skim mozzarella, it’s apparently a pretty healthy snack)


What are your favorite snacks to get at the grocery store?  Do you challenge yourself to save each week?


11 thoughts on “Just call me the Coupon Mom

  1. Nice jobbbb!! My bf and I spent 3 freaking hundo at our last trip…but we are also buying for his 15 yr old brother who HOUSES everything and all food. As well as his mother who likes to cook whole meals time to time.

    I love coupon clipping it’s actually fun for me! haha

    And yes my sister’s dog is indeed a alien – there is just no other explanation lol

  2. You GO! That is awesome! I spent under $100 today, which is absolutely unheard of for us. Usually I am happy if I can keep it under $150/week, which I think is still out of control. I’m not much of a coupon person, but I watch the in-store sales.

    I buy string cheese by the truckload. I really like White Cheddar Pirate Booty or Veggie Booty. If you can find it, Stoneyfield Farms’s Organic French Vanilla is yummy w/real sugar. If I can’t find that, I like Yoplait Yo Plus vanilla, which is their pro-biotic version w/real sugar.

    • Wow, under 150 for your whole family is really impressive! Awesome!
      I’ll have to check out Stoneyfield…I’ve read about it on other blogs too. Sounds nummy

  3. I don’t really rock coupons because ALDI and TJ’s don’t really do them?

    Favorite Snacks…TJ’s Pita Bite Crackers and a log of their chevre.

    • I think we will be doing TJ’s every other week or so (mainly for the frozen food and pre-marinated meats). Yeah, why don’t they really use coupons? Maybe because a lot of it is their own brand? hmmm

  4. Mmm, string cheese is one of my favorite snacks!! I love off of that and granola bars during class haha.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I always feel like I get more for my money at Trader Joe’s. I also don’t clip coupons so I don’t save as much as I could at big stores… hmm, time to experiment with how much money I can save by clipping coupons!!

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