Bingeing on Documentaries

Somehow I’m still on my documentary kick.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that I now enjoy NPR and other “grown up” things.  Or maybe I am just sick of the garbage Hollywood is producing for mainstream movies.

Who knows?!

Either way, last night I watched “Helvetica”.  That’s right.  Instead of partying til morning, I was curled up watching a movie about fonts.

California has changed me.

This movie captivated me, but mostly because I was in awe that somebody could create a feature length film about fonts.

Plot: Helvetica–Some people love it.  Some people hate it.  It is everywhere.

My final thoughts: While we have the ability to make feature length films about fonts, maybe we shouldn’t.  Maybe fonts shouldn’t ever be talked about.  Maybe I need to do more drugs.

(my apologies to all of the type designers who might be reading this post)


p.s. Any other great documentaries I need to check out?  What have you seen?


9 thoughts on “Bingeing on Documentaries

  1. Everyone should see “Kenny” an Australian mockumentory about a man, named Kenny, whose job is to transport and clean portable toilets. These are really like portable bathrooms, not the converted-telephone booth style that we had in the US. Hilarious. You can get it on Netflix.

    • hahaha it has just been added to the queue.

      Another hilarious one I saw recently was American Movie about a man struggling to make it as a film producer. Very very good.

  2. The most recent documentary that I’ve watched was Grizzly Man which, to warn you, is about a strange man with a strange love of bears!

    I really enjoyed Food Inc!

    • I haven’t seen Food Inc, but I love the Grizzly Man. I’m not terribly shocked he was mauled by bears. I watched the whole movie waiting for the bears to strike!

  3. I’m partial to a new sci-fi called “Arial font – size 9”. It’s a cross between a Walt Disney family movie and District 9.

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