Stick a fork in me, I’m done

My wonderfully smart, caring, and bear-huggable boyfriend’s birthday was on Thursday…he is 30 years old, folks.  He made it!

We celebrated 3 nights in a row and have 1 more event planned with his family tomorrow.

Woof.  I can truly say that I don’t think I will need to eat again for several months.  I could simply fall asleep and live off of my stomach fat like a hibernating bear.

The week started off with my gift of a nice steak dinner and a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue:

Wow, this is a smooth scotch!

The next day we went out for sushi with his bestie.  Me likey some yellowtail and eel.  Nomnomnom.

Last night we met up with a big group for my first experience with Brazilian BBQ.  Basically, you give the green light for unlimited cuts of meat.  The servers keep coming and coming until you say stop.  BEEEEEEEEF!

Then we went out for drinks and met up with one of my friends from Minnesota.  Things got crazy.  I thought 30 was different, but we still ended up spilling beer and waking up hungover.

Welcome to 30, Jonathan!  I love you.



7 thoughts on “Stick a fork in me, I’m done

  1. I can’t believe you never had a Brazilian BBQ before! Did you have cards that you flipped over indicated whether or not you wanted more meat? Totally worth the experience, just not every day since I’m sure you don’t want to die of cardiac arrest!

    • There was a wooden block with red and green on it. Although, I don’t think we ever got to red. The meat just kept on coming and coming.
      It was delicious, but it was definitely quantity over quality. I think I might prefer the tender cut of medium rare meat to pounds of mediocre beef.

  2. I totally know the hibernation feeling. It definitely strikes after the Jewish holidays for this lady.

    Body fat reserves aside, what a fun weekend!

    p.s. Love that you rocked the round ice cube in the scotch. That’s pro-league.

  3. I noticed the round ice cube, too. Veeerrrry nice!

    I can totally relate to the hibernating bear level of stuffed-ness. I pretty much feel like that starting tonight, and carrying through the season of gluttony, until the New Year. That’s when I will inevitably resolve to eat less and move more.

    • Oh my goodness. Luckily on Sunday I stopped eating. I just recently bought bigger pants (woof) and even they were beginning to feel tight. That’s when you know you have gone off the deep end.

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