The Fall Lineup

There have been some new additions to the apartment family in order to prepare for the fall season.

Here’s the lineup:

Owly the owlybank

Fresh flowers weekly (two bouquets for $3 at the farmers market)

Harvest pig (I’m not sure what a “harvest pig” is, but it felt right to say)

Pumpkin pals–one is soon to be carved



9 thoughts on “The Fall Lineup

    • haha I’m totally digging owls lately too. I hate most birds, but love birds of prey. Plus, Archimedes was totally my favorite as a kid.
      They are an adorable decoration and only like $8 from Urban Outfitters.

  1. Oooh fresh flowers! I love how they look but never buy them thinking they’d be a waste considering how we don’t have people over often and we wouldn’t really have the time to enjoy them… but then again, we have people coming over at least twice a week and I work from home so I’m here all day… I need to rethink my excuses and get out and find me some blooms.

    • I always thought of them as a waste too, but they make my day brighter every time I see them.
      When you get them at the farmers market it’s a hard deal to pass up.

      My favorite place for flowers? The bathroom.

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