The Box

I tend to not get overly excited about things.  I’m a pretty chilled out lady.  But, last night I *squeeeeeeeeed* in delight when I opened my mail.  Then, I jumped around my apartment a few times and clapped my hands. It was a big moment.  The trigger?

The box.

I have been waiting for this box to come in the mail for over 5 years.

You’ll see why.

My friend Amanda is one uber festive lady with brains, brawn, and beauty (to mention a few).  Not only that, but she has something I could never dream of possessing: craftiness. She came up with the idea to pass a box around as a means of keeping in touch.

I’ll explain.

The rules.

Catch my drift?  Basically…SPECTACULAR!!!

We started this game in college, but the first box was lost amongst drunken frat nights or cram sessions or ultimate frisbee tourneys.  In any case, it was gone.  I was the first recipient the second time around.

The contents:


-Aussie paraphernalia (obviously Amanda is abroad at the moment)
-party drink umbrellas
-adorable earrings
-pictures from our Europe trip
-animal puzzle (somehow she knew I would love this…that’s what friends are for)
-magic towel for the beach
-a clutch
-her racing # from her first race completed!
-old birthday cards to me (something she forgot to give me in 2006 haha)
-a book containing notes to pass around in the box

The next item is key to the success of the box: a stack of addresses of those participating in The Box Game.

I simply grab an address, fill the box, write a note, and mail it on.

I highly recommend this if you have a group of friends you don’t get to see that often, but would love to stay in touch with.

Also, I NEVER smoke!  Gross!  BUUUUUT the box seemed to warrant a special occasion.  Plus, I was missing my friend, and he would appreciate a smoke in his honor.  (I obviously never smoke because I bought the wrong pack and was outraged when I found out a pack cost over 6 bucks.  The HORROR!)

Goodnight loves!


p.s. How do you stay in touch?  It’s hard, I’d love to hear tips!

12 thoughts on “The Box

  1. That is the sweetest idea! Yipes…I don’t know that I have any exceptionally clever ways to keep track of people I love. But that one is definitely a good way to jump-start my thinking 🙂

  2. This sounds AWESOME!!! Can we pleeeeeeease start something like this between Thetas and the like since we are all over the country now?

    Pretty please…with cherries on top? 😀

  3. My old roommates and neighbors have a certain phrase we say to each other either via phone call, text message, or email. When we receive it–we take a picture of us having a shot of something. This may seem idiotic, but it ensures that we never drink alone–plus who doesn’t like receiving a text from a friend basically giving you the okay to have a shot or three.

  4. I am with P – that would be sweet to start something like this among the Thetas. For my other friends that are spread out we email when we can and set up phone calls or even visits when there is time, but we never make one another feel guilty for how long it has been and with such good friends we can dive right in as if no time was missed – okay so stories might take a little longer, but it has worked well to keep sweet friendships across the world. And the more my friends move – the better excise I have to travel and then even have a free place to stay – works great.
    Much love,

    • ahh yes, such a great excuse to travel. Although, now I need to find cash to get me to MN, Chicago, Puerto Rico, and Australia.
      Maybe my friends should just get skype 🙂

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