3 parts smokey 1 part PIZZA

I have been overwhelmed by pizza lately.  Like, the thought of letting dough rise, rolling it out to even thickness, slicing and chopping a million ingredients, and having 3 types of cheese on hand was too much!

Pizza should be the easiest and most fun thing in my repertoire.

So pizza and I took a break.

Then I thought to myself, “Mads, what’s the deal?  You don’t have to have a million steps to make a decent pizza.”

So this week I bought pre-made crust from Trader Joe’s (the whole wheat is kinda narly, but the garlic herb is fantastic) and cut the ingredient list down.

The list:
-Trader Joe’s crust
Smokey garlic hot sauce
-ricotta cheese
Smoked chicken sausage (this is a great substitute when trying to cut calories)
-sliced garlic
Smoked mozzarella

The end result was delicious, but since I’m such a perfectionist…here’s what I would do differently next time:

1-Real big globs of ricotta. A thin layer wasn’t enough to satisfy that gooey craving.

2-Smaller chunks of chicken sausage. I take tiny freakish baby bites, so this is a necessary step.

3-Chop up the basil and incorporate it into the ‘za. If you look closely, the last picture is of crispy burnt nasty basil.  Yuck.  Whole leaves did not cut it.

Things that I absolutely loved about this pizza:

1-Smoked mozzarella! What a fun new addition to mix it up.

2-Pre-made crust saved my relationship with pizza…at least for this week 😉


What do you do to make meal prep easier for yourself?


2 thoughts on “3 parts smokey 1 part PIZZA

  1. Order in. Ha! Just kidding. It’s funny you’re posting about how time consuming pizza is because I’m trying to get the energy up to make pizza dough tonight so it’ll be ready when I make a pizza tomorrow. So far, it hasn’t happened.

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