Last chance and happy dance

Today is your last chance to enter the La Petite Pancake FALL GIVEAWAY!!!  A winner will be selected at noon tomorrow. 🙂

Things I’m doing the happy dance for today?

1. I got through my first week on the new job!  I was not destroyed by children and tantrums.

2.  This morning I got a free cup of coffee from Starbucks!  Thanks lady!

3.  My new laptop battery arrived and I am no longer scared to unplug!

4.  I’ve been playing Catan online (which is not as fun as with friends, but it passes time) and LOOK what happened!!!!

5.  And last but not least…I found out what I’m going to look like in 50 years and it makes me bust out laughing.  (image created by the “Aging Booth” application on iPhone)

What are you doing the happy dance for today?



One thought on “Last chance and happy dance

  1. 1. I am finally getting answers to a nagging problem.
    2. I finished a loooooonngg post that I have been avoiding.
    3. I went to Starbuck’s today and drank out of a real mug, as opposed to a traveler.
    4. I picked up new lids so that I can try my hand at making/canning apple butter.
    5.My husband rocks.

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