Pugs prepare for Halloween

I couldn’t help myself.

I need to link you to sad pugs in Halloween costumes.

Holy crap pugs are cute!  My favorite is the one in the Superman costume


no, the Heiniken pug


no, the chicken!

Although, the more people I tell that I want a pug, the more negative feedback I get.  It sounds like the majority of people think they are ugly things with bad manners 😦

What are your thoughts?  What’s your favorite breed?

7 thoughts on “Pugs prepare for Halloween

  1. I like the squashed pug face. Pugles (pug-beagles) are adorable. I am a Great Dane kind of girl. But I’d settle for a dog weighing over 50 pounds with a big block head.

    • Who doesn’t love a great dane? The problem is that their poops are as big as my upper body. I can’t have a dog which requires me to buy a shovel. hahaha

  2. YODA PUG YODA PUG oh lord, the only way I will condone you owning a pug is if you dress it as yoda every day of the year EXCEPT halloween. Then–in line with the true spirit of halloween–it can run around scaring the crap out of everyone as nature’s most freakish looking mammal.

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