A Slippery Slope

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So, fall is happening, right?  And now that I’m all settled into our place, the urge to decorate for fall is fierce.

When I was at Cub a couple of weeks ago, I had to use all of my self-restraint to keep from diving into the bin of Indian Corn.  I see gourds, I see a tablescape.  A basket of Mums?  Would be perfect sitting on the stairs in front of our house.  A wreath of faux-oak leaves and berries?  Totally meant for our front door.

Bats hanging from the ceiling?


Enter Candy Corn, the cheapest and most multi-purpose decorating concept since Gingerbread Ornaments and Popcorn on a String.

Retrospectively, Indian Corn would have been a better choice, because you can’t devour it when you get home from work 😉

Do you decorate for the fall?


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