Quick Update: Part Deux

I will be going to IL next week from Wednesday to Saturday.  I have two wonderful women who will be guest posting for me while I’m gone.  If you have any interest in writing a guest post, I will be more than happy to promote your blog and/or your general awesomeness.  Just leave a comment here saying you want to guest post!

The fact that I am going to IL next week is neither good news nor bad news.  My grandma is doing well in the nursing home (hopefully she’ll be outta there in the next few months), but my grandpa’s status is still up in the air.  Nobody really has any idea what the problem is or what’s causing it.  Sooooo that means that my mom and I will be tag-teaming the hospital chair and talking with doctors.

In other news, the temperature is going down in Long Beach.  I bought 4 cans of soup today in order to prepare for the long cold winter.  Oh, wait…

Arid is quite possible the shittiest deodorant I’ve ever come across.

My herbs are being deprived of water, but they are still quite angry with me.

I have discovered that shredded chicken is really the best way to eat chicken breast.

I don’t know if you remember my post about Catan being settled by a woman, but it’s about to be settled some more.  We just got the game in the mail!!!  Doo dee da doo doooooo!

My family is truly beautiful, but mostly just on the outside:



3 thoughts on “Quick Update: Part Deux

  1. I do love me some fall colors. That season is sorely missed in California.
    Which is why I’m getting nostalgic with a bottle of Oktoberfest while staring at palm trees right now.

  2. Shredded chicken is pretty much The Universal Food. You can sauce it with anything, pair it with the carb of your choice, bake it again if you want, and roll out on a one-way trip to HEAVEN.

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