Quick updates

Life has gotten a bit crazy around here.  I hope this post doesn’t sound too “Dear Diary”-ish, but I wanted to update you on my life.

I got a job!!!  I am going to be doing therapy for kids/families with autism.  Training starts in 2 weeks and then I will have a case load.  Very exciting.  Now I just need a second job in order to make car payments on my imaginary new car.

I might be going to Illinois at a moment’s notice in the next week or so.  Please send good thoughts and prayers to my grandparents.

Since the Illinois thing is up in the air, I’m looking for some guest posts.  Leave a comment if you are interested and we can work something out.  I would hate to leave readers dangling for a week.

There was a massive heat wave on Monday here (temperatures in the 115s), which was an awesome time not to have air conditioning.  Thank goodness movie theaters exist, Jonathan and I hid out while watching “The Town”.  The movie was decent and it was lovely to stare at Ben Affleck.

I feel a sense of extraordinary guilt if I don’t use my Kitchenaid mixer every 2 days or so.  Strange.

My herbs may be dead 😦  I think I over-watered them in the heat wave and now they are all wilty and sad.  Any tips for me?  Buying a new herb kit might be in the cards for me.

I found a bar I really like with trivia I really like.  That’s kind of like the jackpot.



9 thoughts on “Quick updates

  1. That’s so awesome (about your job)!! A lot of my friends (we were psych majors) did ABA work with children with autism after graduating. Now some are going the speech-language pathology route like me.

    Oh, and my dog is supposed to be a toy fox terrier/chihuahua mix, but I think there’s some dachsund in there as well. If you and your boyfriend have the time/money, you should definitely think about adopting a dog! It’s cheap, and it’s so worth it to rescue one from a shelter/pound. It can be challenging, but when you find the right one you’ll know 🙂

    • Ahh fellow psych majors! Whatup! Haha I’m a nerd.

      I’m weary of pound dogs because a few of my friends have had bad experiences, but my heart breaks a little bit to not adopt. Who knows what route we end up taking, but I’m glad you found a new little buddy 🙂

      • Haha, I love it when I meet fellow psych majors!!

        I totally understand. A good pound dog is definitely like finding a needle in a haystack, so we were extreeemely lucky.

    • hahaha I don’t think this post was too “bleeding heart”, but sometimes you just gotta tell it like it is.
      Thanks! My bank account is also BEYOND thrilled.

      Can’t wait to spend that cashola on a plane ticket to visit you!

  2. I’m sending good thoughts and prayers to you and your family…and if you have to go back to the Midwest, I hope it’s a safe trip. As for your herbs, let the soil dry out. Their roots are probably completely water-logged, and they might be stressed out from extreme temperatures (my African violet got sick from hot outside temps and strong AC). Good luck!

    • Thanks for the positive vibes. We don’t really know what the problem is at the moment, but the family is rallying together.

      My herbs are still really sad, but I am going to deprive them of water for a few days. Worst case scenario, I spend another 10 bucks on a new herb kit. For now, I play the waiting game.

      I WISH I had strong AC!!

    • Gosh, I have no idea. Seriously. I am not overly qualified.
      Networking was my only solution.

      And clearly, being really really ridiculously good looking didn’t hurt 😉 bahahah

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