A new experience–Chinese Wedding!

This weekend marked a new adventure for me as a guest at a Chinese/Vietnamese wedding!  As one of three white people in a sea of 500 or so Asian people, things were bound to get interesting.

Jonathan prepped me for what I was getting myself into, top on the list of “Things I Was Looking Forward To” was the 10-course Chinese dinner.  I loooove American-Chinese food (Panda Buffet and cream cheese wontons), but I have also come to love authentic Chinese food (xiaolongbao and curry).

What I was not prepared for was the grand-ness of the whole affair.  I mean, loading 500 people into a fancy Hilton ballroom and feeding them 10 courses?  Insane.

Here are some of the highlights:

Hershey Kisses party favor wrapped up in a little steaming box (bigger steaming boxes are typically used for the aforementioned xiaolongbao)

I am ALL for edible party favors…and no, I don’t want a crappy plastic cup with your name engraved on the side.

This program was adorable and doubled as a fan since the wedding took place outside on a 100 degree day.

The bride’s bouquet was fairly traditional, but it was breathtaking.  I kinda freak out at pretty flowers, and that is perhaps one of the girliest things about me.

The bridesmaid’s bouquets:

There were 9 bridal party members and 3 maids of honor/best men.  I’m not sure what that means, “You’re the best.  AND you’re the best.  Oh, and you!  But definitely not the 9 of you.”

Anyway, the couple sat up on a stage in front of the whole crowd.  Intimidating, yes, but they spent most of the night walking from table to table.  I’m not sure when exactly they had time to eat, but I felt like I should have sneaked in a burger for each of them.

There were 3 types of centerpieces.  This one was at my table.  I like the look of them, but the height makes it impossible to communicate with the people sitting across from you.

The wedding cake was stunning.  I would never think of green on the cake, but it really worked.

You might be thinking, “Mads, this doesn’t seem so different from a traditional American wedding.”  Well, true, except for what happens during dinner…KARAOKE!!!

I wish this video could capture how ridiculously loud the karaoke was.  It was impossible to  hear Jonathan shouting directly into my ear.

I also wish I would have taken pictures of the food, because authentic Chinese food is so unique and delicious.

Oh well.

We left as two full and happy campers.


8 thoughts on “A new experience–Chinese Wedding!

  1. This weekend was a wedding weekend. I’ve read of so many people going to weddings. My good friend got married this weekend. I was in the wedding and am exhausted tonight from it. It sure was fun though. The wedding you attended looks like a great one!

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