A petite bloggy makeover

A few things need to change around here!  And not just your underwear.

I’m ditching Sunday Links.  Unless there is a giant uproar from you readers, which I doubt.  They haven’t treated me well, but I will share internet links from time to time because I truly believe everyone is entitled to see Double Rainbow, Leprechaun, Whistle Tips, and Grape Stomp.  Among countless other memes.  The internet is a blessing and we shall honor that.

A weekly pizza feature is going to take its place.  I am always open to new pizza ideas, so if you’ve got any, send ’em my way!  Seriously, I want to create your pizza and post it here.  PIZZA!!!  I am also looking for some new quick and easy crust recipes.  Suggestions welcome.

A post mini-series will be announced later this week.  Stay tuned.  I have a feeling a giveaway will be a part of that.  Swag!

Would you like to see any new stuff on this blog?  What are some of your ideas?


p.s. I recently joined Twitter.  You can see my recent tweet on the sidebar here or you can follow me @madsyjoy.  I would love to be your Twitter buddy 😉


2 thoughts on “A petite bloggy makeover

  1. Very nice job on the header! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments… very appreciated.

    I just read your about section… love Bill Bryson. And about pick up lines, my husband was out with one of his unmarried friends awhile back and overheard this line: “How much does a polar bear weigh?” Upon the lovely girl’s answer he replied, “Just enough to break the ice.” Pretty bad, eh? I think he went home alone:)

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