I swear I’m not always this lame

Sorry for the short posts lately, my life is excruciatingly boring at the moment.  I’m trying to finish up all of the tasks I need to accomplish before I actually go out in the world and start looking for a job.

This includes, but is not limited to:

-mailing things out to various people
-canceling old utility bills
-dealing with insurance
-registering my car to CA
-changing banks
-taking my car to a mechanic
-getting suits tailored for interviews
-buying furniture

Just writing that list down gave me an ulcer.  Are you as bored as I am yet?

On the bright side of things, the apartment is coming together really nicely.  Jonathan and I need to pick up a few more furniture items (desk, bistro chairs, barstools, nightstands), but then our apartment will be complete!

Last night we “mostly” finished the bedroom.  I love it!  It took us about a week to settle on a duvet cover, but we both are head-over-heels for this slate gray bad boy.



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