Sunday Links 9.12.10

(NSFW) I think Cee-Lo is changing lives all across the world with this song.  I hear it and I want to tap dance across the sky while farting out rainbows and crying tears of happiness.

Ikea decided to let loose 100s of cats in one of their stores and videotape it.  Why?  My theory is that if you get enough crazy cat people into one room, their minds sort of meld together and they go bizerk, dreaming of ways to spread cat love around the world.  I mean, the video doesn’t reveal any crazy new information about the secret lives of cats, it just shows them doing cat things.  So strange.  So very very strange.

Uhm, I need a snow monnkey.  That’s all there is to that.  It was also very fun to add monkey commentary to each of those pictures.

(NSFW) I secretly like a lot of hipster things, but if you combine everything “hipster” into one being, you get this song.  Although, I really do cherish that “new age fun with a vintage feel”.

I’m sorry for two cat links on one post, but this one made me giggle.  Pretty much every LOLcat  meme makes me giggle.

Since Jonathan really wants a “real” dog, I have decided to compromise.  We are now thinking about this breed.  Can you imagine the poops?!?  I cannot.

This cartoon make me laugh uproariously for several minutes.  Later, while brushing my teeth, I thought about it again and I ended up spitting toothpaste all over the place.



3 thoughts on “Sunday Links 9.12.10

  1. Hey Mads, you won’t believe this but I actually went to Monkey Park in January of this year. I have tons of pictures of me and snow monkeys. How awesome is that?

  2. @Julia –That’s incredible! Did you have any quirky encounters with them? Feel free to send pics my way, I love monkeys!

    @Anita –Hopefully I can get both and train the monkey to ride on the back of the huge dog while bringing me drinks with umbrellas. Thanks for reading my blog!

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