My new digs

Hello blog friends!

Jonathan and I have officially moved into our new apartment in Long Beach.  He picked the location out, since I was a bit busy with my brother’s wedding and other things.  Boy did goooood!

Our neighborhood is friendly and right next to everything I could possibly need.  Example, I can walk less than a mile and be at DSW’s doorstep.  How awesome is that?  And that is what I plan to do today because I have one of those handy birthday coupons they e-mail out.

Our kitchen is adorable. My favorite parts?  The pantry and the wine rack.  I mean seriously.

I also *literally* squealed when I opened the Kitchenaid mixer for my birthday this year.  Doesn’t it look perfect in the corner there?  5 days living here and it’s already been used twice.

The nook area is currently a reading spot, but it might be changed into an office or a dining area.  We can’t decide, but since we don’t have the furniture yet, the decision is to keep it as is.  😉

The art has yet to be hung, so ignore the blank walls.

Also, ignore the boxes.

Oh, and ignore the toolbox under the chaise lounge.

Didn’t Jonathan do an awesome job painting?  Only after he was done did we notice that it’s the exact same color as the exterior of the building. haha  We are “those” people.

The bathroom is also one of my favorite parts of the apartment.  It’s spacious enough to have one of those “getting ready with the girls” parties!  I just need to find those girl friends…

We currently have a bamboo plant growing there!  Cross your fingers that I can keep it alive.

The bedroom is still a mess and our duvet isn’t in yet, so you’ll see those pictures another time.



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