Road Trip: Part IV and V

By the time the 4 of us reached Vegas, we were spent!  The moms told us, “You two need a date night.  We’ve spent so much time together, I’m sure you’re sick of us!”  I saw right through them!  What they were saying was code for, “We just want to order room service and go to sleep by 9pm.”

Amazingly enough, I was right.  I just wish I would have done the same thing.

Jonathan and I had a date planned for Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill.  The food was delicious, but I almost passed out in my halibut I was so tired.  I’m pretty sure Jonathan ate most of his pork loin with his eyes closed.


Vegas was embarrassed for us.

The offending pork loin:

After Vegas, there was just one stop left…Long Beach baby!!!

The apartment is just about set up, but we still have a few items to unpack and put away.  I’m sure I’ll get pictures up sometime this weekend (especially since the manly-yet-delicately-feminine duvet is due to arrive on Friday).



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