Sunday Links 9.5.10

I have this dream that I have enough time and energy on my hands to make homemade and environmentally safe cleaning products.  I might not ever be able to realize my dream, but wouldn’t this homemade laundry detergent be cheap and easy?

Inception totally blew my mind.  I am prepared to disown all of my friends and family if they refuse to watch it immediately.  I know you loved Inception, so you’ll probably love this Inception art.

This flow chart is exaaaactly how I feel on every single vacation.  I’m just glad I currently don’t have a job to stress me out after my big trip west.

“Green living” and sustainability are important to me, but this guy goes a little bit overboard.  I really like the idea, but it doesn’t seem that practical.  How does the house hold up in the winter?  Doesn’t it let in a lot of bugs?  Cleaning that place would be a nightmare!  Although, it’s got that artsy Alice in Wonderland feel, which I love.

I watched this video and couldn’t believe what I saw.  I had to watch it at least 8 times before I gave up on making any rational sense of this woman’s actions.  I mean, she obviously likes cats because she sits there petting it lovingly.  Then she peers around to see if anyone is looking and stuffs the cat in the trash.  What possible reason could she have for that?  Insane.  I hope she is found and pays for her crime…no excuse.



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