Trader Joe’s: A Love Story

It’s Kat’s birthday!!!  Celebrate by reading her guest post here:

I am the daughter of parents who used to bring entire carry-ons full of Two Buck Chuck back to Minneapolis in the days when you could still bring liquids on airplanes and Trader Joe’s only existed on the coasts.

I am the daughter of parents who would check an extra suitcase before they started charging, and would stuff that bag full of all-manner of Trader Joe’s epicurean delight.  Chocolate Hedgehogs are a delight that I have never been able to match.

I do not believe in shades of gray.  Things are black, or white. It cuts down on dithering and allows for more energy to be dedicated for expressing exuberance towards things that I love.

Trader Joe’s is 11/10.  It is a Superior place in all ways.

Where else can you buy an entire case of perfectly acceptable wine for $40?

We do not love Trader Joe’s because we know what we will find there, au contraire mes amis.  We love Trader Joe’s because it is a guaranteed impulse-shopping opportunity every.single.time.  We can indulge our Inner-Hippie and buy Organic Things.  We can indulge our World-Traveler and buy Things We Have Never Tasted Before, or Dishes From Ethnic Restaurants We Would Never Try To Make From Scratch At Home.

The frozen foods aisle is an Especially Dangerous Place because it would be Too Easy to leave with two of every kind.  Just think of yourself as a modern-day Noah.

I see it as a service to humanity.

And, because y’all should want to be shopping with me (naturally), here are some of my favorite picks:

Herbed Chevre
Cranberry Chevre (Pilgrimager Item)
0% Plain Greek-Style Yogurt
Pita Bite Crackers
Cran-Apple Butter (Pilgrimager Item)
Chicken-Cilantro Mini-Wontons
Garlic Naan



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