Tracing the Oregon Trail

Ok, we’re not really going to trace the Oregon Trail (I WISH!), but we will be carting all of my possessions across country from Minneapolis to Los Angeles.  Hopefully we won’t have to worry about fording a river or getting dysentery (my biggest problems on the Oregon Trail).

My mom, her bestie, LeAnn, Jonathan, and I will be heading out for a 5 day adventure across the country!  Mom and LeAnn will be driving my car, and Jonathan and I will be driving a moving truck.  Quite the hilarious caravan.

The plan is as follows:

Day 1–Minneapolis to Omaha, NE.

Visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins for dinner or something festive.  What is there to do in Omaha?!?  I have visited countless times, and still couldn’t tell you a single thing to do.  Ideas?

Day 2–Omaha to Denver, CO.

Visit my friend who decided to flee to Colorado, and perhaps one of my brother’s good friends.  Denver has a lot to offer and I plan to take it by storm.

Day 3–Denver to Moab, UT

This drive is beautiful!  I am also very stoked about getting to hike in Arches National Park again.  One of the arches fell down about a month after I visited last year…yipes!

Day 4–Moab to Las Vegas, NV

We will be getting into Vegas late, but we are still planning on checking out Bobby Flay’s restaurant, Mesa Grill.  I packed a saucy dress and some black wedges for my “date night” with Jonathan.  The moms decided that this was not their scene.

Day 5–Las Vegas to Long Beach, CA

Getting introduced to my new home.  Jonathan already has the paint on the walls and some of the necessities purchased.  It will be perfect.  I’m pretty sure he is even chilling a bottle of Riesling for my arrival.  Glorious.



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