Sunday Links

I am going to attempt a weekly feature on Sundays.  Mainly links to fun things I find on the internet.  Enjoy 🙂

This list of roadside attractions is totally bizarre.  My favorite is the tiniest church in the world on a dock in the middle of nowhere.  If I was slightly more insane I would try to have my wedding there…maybe I can get my kids baptized there.  I also really like the shoe tree because we had one on our college campus.  Rumored reasons to toss your shoes on the tree: 1) You lost your virginity in college 2) You graduated.  Sadly, I never got around to tossing my shoes up there.

I absolutely LOVE reading the Pioneer Woman.  It took a long time to get used to the messy content on her home page, but now I’m obsessed.  This post is one of the reasons I find her absolutely loveable.

The movie “Once” really made me want to work in a music store, but not after seeing this.  The guy’s face is hilarious though. haha

I have been up close to seals and they have absolutely terrified me, but this video is unreal.  Now I need an elephant seal as a pet.  But then again, this bloody scene makes me rethink yet again.

One of the main debates I like to have with Christian folks.  It seems there is no answer.

I’m not sure what generation this list of random thoughts is aimed at, but it totally rings true for me.  #23 happens to me all the time  #30 absolutely true #37 I fully support that idea

Happy Sunday!



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