My brother did that marriage thing…

In case you didn’t already know, my brother got married last weekend!  I was too busy (read: tipsy) to take pictures of any of the actual event, but I got some shots of wedding prep. 

First thing on Friday morning we set up the decorations.  The centerpieces were “picture trees” growing out of small vases with colored beads.  Pictures were of the couple together and then some other shots of them as kids or with their families.  I liked that because it meant I was also on the picture tree 🙂


Adventures in tulle!  Tulle is not my favorite decorating option, but it somehow worms its way into every wedding.  Ahh well, wrapping it up with twinkle lights improved the situation.  I firmly believe that twinkle lights should be present at every special occasion. 

I didn’t get a shot of the final tulle-scape because they decided to add tulle bows at the last minute, but you get the idea.


Ok, we got a little carried away with the tulle…
Bride in tulle

The ceremony took place in the bride’s parent’s backyard.  I found this bunny in the front yard 😉

The tent and white chairs looked lovely.  When thinking to the future to my imaginary wedding, an outdoor option sounds superb.  However, I would never be able to handle all the stress that comes with months of preparing my own house for wedding day bliss.  The family planted flowers specifically to match the color scheme and had to clean their whole house for 150 guests.  Not my idea of a stress-free day. 

 The bride’s friend did the flowers and they were STUNNING!  I love the little green tufts, but I can’t remember what she said they were.  If you know, please comment below.  Something tricho blah blah. 

The bride’s hair was beautiful.  It seems to be a big trend these days to get nails, hair, and makeup done for the wedding.  While everyone looked beautiful, I’m not sure this is something I will do for my imaginary wedding.  But then again, I’m not sure I will have any bridesmaids.

Like I said though, we really all looked beautiful. 

The men didn’t look too bad either…
The happy couple.

The cutest flower girl and ring bearer.  We weren’t sure this was going to work because the ring bearer decided to cry it out during rehearsal instead of walk it out.  Day of?  adorable and perfect.

 I was also totally adorable.

My brother sang a song by Bob Dylan, it was pretty cool and a unique twist.

 First dance was to a Ben Harper song, no, not “Burn One Down”. 

The food was Italian buffet.  I really appreciated the lack of dry bland chicken, and the cheesecake dessert was also very appreciated.  The best part was probably hanging out with my cousins and the fabulous hotel afterward!  The hotel was so awesome (and I was too hungover to go out to get food) that we ordered room service for breakfast.  What a treat!

Overall, a good time had by all.



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