Is this real life?


I need that to sink in a little bit.  I MOVE, as in, out of my apartment, out of Minneapolis, out of Minnesota.  All the way to California in 14 days.

(pic from my trip to Santa Ynez…I was snoozing in the car during this)

A lot of people have been asking me what I am feeling right now.  To be honest with you, I usually say some made up thing that I think they want to hear.  What I’ve really been feeling?  Numb.  I still work my 9-5 job, I still come home to my apartment and watch tv, and I still see my same friends.  I’m absolutely convinced I will continue to feel numb until I am in my new apartment for a few days or maybe even a few weeks.

Thank heavens I’ll be near wine country.  (pic from my trip to Santa Ynez)

One thing that has pulled me out of this slump a tiny bit is that I just got approved for health insurance!  This was a big scary deal for me.  My parents have nicknamed me their “emergency room baby”, so it’s really not a good idea for me to be without care options (even if all of my illnesses are in my head haha).
Luckily found me a cheap plan that still covers everything I need. 

I’m ready to go now.  Ready to go.


4 thoughts on “Is this real life?

  1. I am real upset that I don’t get to be around for everything you blog. Pretty much everytime I read these I feel a mixed bag… of I don’t know what. One this is for sure, I am excited for your move! (And the fact that we can now discuss dry mediterranean climates with lots of wine). And congrats on the health insurance, I admit, I was a little worried about you…

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