Last, but not least

My third cabin weekend of the summer, filled with some of my favorite ladies! 
This is the group I refer to as “the old gals” because of our minimal wine-drinking and 10:30 bedtime, but what can I say?  I really really love that. 

The “young gals” came up last weekend, but our drinking was anything but minimal.  In fact, we didn’t even get out ingredients for a real meal until Sunday at lunch when we decided to make burgers.  Very different types of friends.  I love them both.

This weekend started out with an 8-hour adventure with my mom to get the boat working.  Woof.  It eventually did, but not without great hardship and an infinite amount of mosquito bites.  Follow that up with some margs and a torrential downpour and you’ve got yourself a good ole time!

Saturday was absolutely beautiful.  I have a sunburned back to prove it…bet that will look awesome when I walk down the aisle as a bridesmaid on Saturday. Whaaaaaatever. 

Besides the awesome memories, my favorite part of the weekend has to be the amount of wildlife we saw!  The usual loons and eagles were out in full form, but we also saw bats, snakes, the BIGGEST spider in the world (or at least that I have seen in the wild), and King Mouse.  King Mouse and I bonded in the garage.  So big he could be mistaken for a rat.  Perhaps it was Willard, I will never know for sure…until next year 😉



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