Life Update

I have officially discovered that this summer is waaaay too insane for me to regularly keep up on my blog.  Sad. day.  Blogging has become a great way for me to document my life and to connect with others, but between cabin weekends, moving preparations, job hunting, and jam-packing my schedule with social events before I go, there is just zero time for anything else.  I hope you stay strong and know that I will be back in just over a month!

My recent thoughts have been drifting towards home “projects” to do in my new apartment (it’s that motherly nesting thing).  I will have a roommate who will most likely rely on me for most meals, and that excites me to no end.  I briefly thought about home-canning, but was deterred by the comments from others on the difficulty and germy dangerousness of the whole experiment.  Yikes!  Do you have any home-canning stories/experiences that might point me in the right direction?  It seems like a fun thing to do and a $$$ saver, not to mention cheap and tasty gifts to others.

Perhaps a more realistic adventure for me (an obvious beginner) will be planting my own fresh herbs.  I know I need more basil in my life and could probably handle some rosemary, thyme, and dill.  Jonathan seems intrigued by this idea…?  I am a death sentence for all forms of plant life, so hopefully he can help keep me on track and teach me how to provide love to living things.

In other news, Jonathan and I have picked out “our song”!  I’ve only ever had break-up songs with boyfriends and that’s definitely more about my personal demons than the actual relationship.  So naturally, this is very exciting for me.  The Book of Love by Magnetic Fields ❤  I know it’s a keeper because I sang it to P and she cried. 

For kicks and giggles, my real-life list of pathetic break-up songs:
Butterfly by Weezer
You Got to Hide Your Love Away cover by Howie Day
Hey There Delilah  by Plain White T’s 


p.s. We played the “where will everyone be in 5 years” game at the cabin this weekend.  I was preggo with child #2.  FML 


2 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. It was so beautiful to be song to and the song itself! I definitely approve and if you end up choosing another song with Jonathan, then that could be our song ;).

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