Big news!


I feel like I have been holding out on my readers for awhile now.  Truth be told, I am moving to California!!!  That might not come as a surprise to the majority of you, but I have informed my lab and can now inform the world openly. 

My beau and I are moving to Long Beach, CA right near da beach, boy!  The apartment is pretty adorable…1 bedroom 1 bath with a breakfast nook and a petite balcony (from which you can see the ocean).  I would put a video online, but I don’t exactly want any random person knowing where I live.  However, I will post pics once I have moved everything in and the walls are painted, etc.

I don’t have a job yet, but I have been searching.  If you have any contacts in Cali that can hook me up with a decent paying job with benefits, I would LOVE YOU FOREVER!

I pack up on August 28th and hit the road with Jonathan, my mom, and her friend on August 29th.  We’re going the quickest route through Omaha, Denver, Utah, Vegas, then LA so it will be a definite whirlwind. 

More details to come!





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