Curse of the 4th

My most recent trip to LA over the 4th of July was a great success!!!  I have had this awful curse following me around for about 6 years now, each year something worse would happen than the year before.  Very few people believed me and most would say, “This year we’ll break the curse!”  Of course, this was never the case until I had the 4th of July out of state!

My curse history:
1) I plan a big event, but tell my friends to wait an hour until I get off work.  They ditch me and I am left alone and sad.
2) I am the DD and my friend pukes on my car.
3) I get so sunburned the day before I cannot physically move for 2 days straight.
4) A kitten dies at my cabin.

I can’t remember the rest, but is that proof enough? 

Anyway, my weekend in LA started by touring around Santa Monica and eating a big family meal that Jonathan’s grandmother spent 2 days preparing.  Uhmmm fantastic!

The next day we got up and went on a 3.5 hour whale-watching tour.  ROUGH!

Picture of us before I got sick…

I took my pills ahead of time and even had some anti-nausea ginger gum, but this helped zero percent.  I was sick the entire time.  Miserable.  Jonathan got some good shots of sea lions and dolphins though.  Apparently there was a pod of 60 or so swimming with the boat. 

That night was a birthday party for his friend, Alex.  So fun!  I got an entire Irish coffee accidentally spilled on me.  Accidents happen fo sho, but it’s hard to want to stay out late when you are cold and sticky and it’s already past midnight.  Plus, all Jonathan and I could think about was getting our hands on some chili cheese fritos haaha.  They are the best.  Try them.

The next day was also very fun-filled!  We went to a grill out at Dik and Amy’s house.  I proceeded to help finish the bottle of jag and then we flew kites in the park!  Falcy was my falcon kite/pet who kicked major butt.  He got himself into a little bit of trouble in the neighbor’s tree, but he will still be in our hearts and our minds. 😉

The spread!

The good time party people!

Jonathan and I took a little nappy in the grass.  We are adorable.  It cannot be helped. 

 The only bad thing that happened on the 4th was Dik breaking his foot and locking himself out of his 2nd-story room.  Oh wait…maybe there still is a curse.  I will be careful next year too!



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