Heat stroke

It has been consistently 80+ degrees in Minnesota.  While that might be fine for Arizona, the humidity in the midwest reaches a point where walking two blocks can put the fear of God in you!  I drip sweat walking from my car to work and that is sexy for no one.

As a result, I have discovered some cool down techniques:
#1 Pack your deodorant in your purse…you will definitely need to refresh later.  I know this because many people in my building do not refresh, and, well, we know what happens.
#2 As much as you want to take the stairs to shed some extra cals, you will sweat for 3 times as long when reaching the 5th floor of your office.
#3 Man up and tell your coworker you need to use the fan to provide cold air and that it is not an acceptable place for him to hang his dirty sweaty biking outfit. 

Coooooooooooooooooool treats!


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