I can’t find my digital camera anywhere 😦  So I can’t really post anything with pictures and I haven’t had much text to blog in the last few days.  Without much inspiration, I turn to Hongylinks…enjoy!

–oh my goodness!!  How can you not want one?!?


http://www.wonderhowto.com/wonderment/where-would-youtube-be-without-dudes-like-this-0117309/ –despite the shit-tastic mario playing, this is pretty awesome

http://www.pedestrian.tv/pop-culture/features/music-stars-and-their-embarrassing-high-school-yea/2804.htm  –Tina Turner is insane!  What?!?

–totally cool

–1) This website is pretty cool in general 2) I love Zee Avi (Bitter Heart is my favorite thus far)



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