Dear Reader

I’m hoping this blog generates some responses because I am genuinely curious about your choices.  My question to you, dear readers:

What is your ideal honeymoon?

This conversation came up last night among friends because some people camp for their honeymoon, yet I find it to be near the bottom of my list of romantic honeymoon spots…and I love camping!  

Are you a all-inclusive beach resort person?  Do you want to backpack through the jungle?  Is a stay-cation at a hotel in your hometown your style?

Such a girlie post for today, but I’m a girl.  Deal with it. 🙂 



2 thoughts on “Dear Reader

  1. I'm really desperate to go on a cruz since I never have been on one and think they would be amazing, especially if you stop somewhere and go snorkling or something like that. So, I would have to say and Alaskan Cruz, cause that would just be cool. KtB

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