Super Saturday

Hello folks, 

This past Saturday was the lovely Stone Arch Festival of Arts and Rock the Garden concert.  I can officially say that both exceeded my expectations on the fun meter and good showmanship!!

Stone Arch Festival was full of talented local and not-so-local artists ranging from jewelry to painting to sculpture to origami.
I bought 6 post-card sized pieces of art that I plan on framing in two 3-paneled frames.  One set is from this cubist, John Stillmunks.  I got the sad sun, sad moon, and star (if you can find those on his website at all).  They are sweet!

The other three are mini paintings of various Minneapolis locales, the “Uptown” sign, the Stone Arch Bridge, and the Spoonbridge and Cherry.  I ❤ Minneapolis and I have zero Minneapolis art.  I think I am going to see if I can get some black and white photos from my dad of various places around town.

After the Stone Arch Festival it was time to get my groove on at the concert.  I didn’t quite understand where the concert would be, but there is a massive hill right next to the Walker Art’s Center and the Sculpture Gardens.  It turned into a beautiful day and I didn’t get sunburned, despite my carelessness in forgetting sunscreen.  Yay! 

Retribution Gospel Choir was forgettable, OK-Go reminded me a lot of Prince (me likey), Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings were soulful and groovy, and MGMT rocked my face off! 
Any festival or concert where you can lay in the grass eating greasy food and chill out is the perfect venue for me.  I was so happy.

Until next time!



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