Grocery Challenge Update

I haven’t updated the grocery challenge in weeks because, quite frankly, I have been embarrassed at the amount of money I’ve spent lately.  I have been planning big weekends, dinner parties, and trying out new recipes, none of which leave my wallet feeling full.  The challenge: $30 per week on food from the grocery store. 

Upcoming obstacles to winning the challenge this week:

Obstacle: I am hosting a bookclub with appetizers.
Solution: Make it a potluck and serve veggies with hummus (read: Cheap)
Obstacle: I made a pecan pie for Father’s Day
Solution:  I keep tons of baking supplies constantly on hand, so I only really needed lite golden syrup
Obstacle: I am working 2 nights this week/weekend and won’t be home to cook.
Solution:  Make meals ahead of time and freeze, specifically cheaply homemade soup.
Obstacle: Our apartment needs some basics like tp and 409.
Solution: None that I know of?!?

Total cost: $28 something




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