Summer To-Dos

I posted my summer “to-do” list awhile back, but now that summer is actually here I’m having a hard time finding a spare moment to do anything on the list!  I have zero free weekends until August 13th.  That is insane!  Where did the summer go? 
At least it will be filled with fun things like cabins, weddings, and trips to LA.  But there is something to be said about a nice relaxing weekend in the cities doing nothing in particular.

Upcoming events that I’m super stoked about:

Stone Arch Festival of the Arts (I’m going with my mom and we are also going to check out a new restaurant for breakfast!)
Rock the Garden  (uhmmm yes)
–Movie in the park night

My friend Emily also created a great list of summer fun in Mpls:

-movie in the park
-go to 5 new patios (one down since I went to Joe’s Garage)
-go to the Cascade bay waterpark in Eagan
-go tubing or rafting down a river
-go to Canada
-venture to Mads’ cabin
-go to at least one Sommerfest free concert at Orch. Hall
-visit Barrio
-volunteer once at Feed My Starving Children
-go to a Saints game
-try 2 new foods at the State Fair
-visit a winery in Stillwater
-go camping (done)
-lawn bowling at Brits
-picnic at Como Park and visit the Como Zoo
-go to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the Science Museum
-go to the MN Zoo
-enjoy the Maynards patio

OH MAN!  I forgot about the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit…I gotta get to that before it’s over!  I hear it is absolutely amazing.

What are you looking forward to this summer?



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