More stories through pictures…

The last post’s pictures were from Jonathan’s fancy camera, here are some from my point and shoot. 

It was rainy out for the majority of the weekend, so we had to play a lot of indoor games.

Cassie is a thug.

Something hilarious was happening in the closet?

Jonathan aka the Asian Peter Pan.

A new tradition of bowling without pants has been born.

Loading up the “cooler” with “life preservers”…aka…a sack of beer.


We had a mini accident with the tube rope, I think we might be getting a little big for tube rides.

Awww  Jacqui and Sam go tubing!  I kept trying to get Sam off, but Jacqui would fly off through the air before I could get a chance.

Boat pulls 2 tubes pulls 2 kayaks.  This got interesting.


Ben slalom skiing!

Oh trailer trash dice games.  How fun

I think they all lost a round of dice and had to shotgun a beer.

Jonathan is fake posing here because he had already finished shotgunning like a pro.

Candle chops some onions.

Moments after an extremely funny encounter between these two.

I have two heads!!!!

Jacqui, Ben, and Beary.


One thought on “More stories through pictures…

  1. We didn't lose at dice, I just wanted to shotgun a beer and everyone else thought it was a fantastic idea. I'm surprised we didn't take a picture of the beer koozie–it was awesome.

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