Less than 24 hours

And I will be at the cabin!!! 
Water sports, boating, beers, campfire, crappy bowling alley, suntan…how can you not love the cabin?

But here’s a list of traditions (of sorts) that make my cabin my most favorite spot in the whole wide world:
–On rainy days we set up a beer pong table in the garage (my favorite sport)
–Guests of the cabin are frequently injured/scared out of their mind on tube rides (a sick pleasure)
–A hot shower on a cool night, followed by a campfire can’t be beat
–Rice Krispy Bars, yes.
–Waking up early and sitting alone on the dock (so peaceful and full of wildlife)
–It’s one of the very rare times when I get to play board games, which I love
–1980s quality VHS viewing only
–Embarrassing pictures of my childhood blown up and framed
–Redneck geese paintings blown up and framed (these are appropriate in cabins, but nowhere else on earth)
–Not knowing if my family and friends had anything to do with the disappearance of the real ruby slippers from Wizard of Oz
–Meeting neighbors like virgin Tony who fell in the lake, or Dino, the crazy war vet (but could not solidify which war he was in?) missing a leg
–Party Island…essentially some floating wood that we put kegs on in the lake
–Lard Ball…essentially a game involving lard and a watermelon
–Chair Boarding…essentially sitting on a lawnchair on a piece of plywood behind the boat
–The crazy inside jokes that are made each weekend (ex. “I’m dancin on the wine!” or “‘preciate whatchya done fer Charlie” or “I’m Roni Deutch” or “PAMIDA!”)

❤ so in love with that place



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