New year, same old me

My New Year’s resolutions usually consist of not-so-witty remarks like, “I’m going to party like it really is 1999″ or “I’m going to make this year classier than last year”.  In essence, I rarely live up to my resolutions and I am never serious about them.

This year, I decided to set extremely realistic resolutions for myself.  Goals that would not only be fun for me, but would also allow me to reflect on my year in a way that my half-assed occasional bouts of journaling ever could. 

Over-arching resolution:  Be more involved in online communities.

Sub-Resolution #1: Make a blog and update it regularly…for The. Whole. Year.
I’ve had 2 blogs in the past, neither of which lasted for more than 3 months.  They were very angsty and made me depressed every time I thought about posting my emotions.  This year I have found that blogging about the random crap in my life is really kind of neat!  Despite the fact that I have very few readers, I truly love pondering about what the next post will be.

Sub-Resolution #2: Write reviews on Yelp! and become Yelp! Elite.
I’ve posted 60 reviews since I started on Yelp! at the end of December and I finally made the squad!  The site is fluffy and I get great amusement from reading reviews of others and participating in the community talk section.  Lame?  Maybe.  Boredom killer?  Like none other.
I recently posted on Solera, Lord Fletcher’s, and Amazing Thailand…check em out.

What were your resolutions?  Were you successful?



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