Summer is here

And thus, my wardrobe needs updating.  I mostly need help in the t-shirt category, as mine tend to get pretty raggedy after one summer of wear and tear.  I think I do a pretty decent job of matching and accessorizing, but I would say I’m a far cry from fashionable.  But here is what I can afford and bought today!
p.s. Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic/etc. are having a sale online 15% off purchases of $75, 20% off $100, and so on until Sunday.

The plain black tee that every gal needs for summer (I would argue that every lady needs a white, brown, black, and gray tee, but that’s just me).

The crocheted brown tee.  I’m a little worried about the sleeves (anything resembling a cap sleeve gives me nightmares), but we’ll give it a shot.

 A bright yellow tee to mix things up a bit!  I love yellow!

 A light blue hoodie for summer nights.  I purged myself of hoodies a few months ago because I only had huge bulky gray ones that made me look like someone you would see at Walmart.  Not ok.  Just because you want a comfy hoodie, does not mean you need to look like a hoodrat…this is part of becoming an adult.

 Brown metallic flip flops.  I own a ton of flip flops and I don’t see why I shouldn’t.  Intervention time?

This t-shirt is dubbed ladie’s smocked tee in “tea time” color.  Whatever that means.  I think it looks dainty, but again, the sleeves I’m a bit worried about.  This is the risk I run shopping online.

And finally…the coup de grace…some sort of multicolored scarf thingy!!!!  This was a “just for fun” purchase, and I’m not really sure what it goes with, but I HAD to have it.  I mean, it looks fun and artsy and I have an obsession with scarves.  So voila!

What’s in your summer closet?



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