Step by step pizza making

I have been continuing on the “in pursuit of perfect pizza” quest, but have neglected to document the whole shebang for my blog!  So, for your viewing pleasure, here is the shakey snakey breakdown:

Crusts are usually from here because it is SOOO easy, but I think that some toppings need a thinner crust and sometimes I just don’t feel like using corn meal.  So I’ve also been using this thin crust recipe. I am of the philosophy that pizza should be the easiest of dinner creations, so spending a lot of time on the crust is not something I’m interested in.

Pizza sauces are a tough one for me.  I have yet to find a red sauce that doesn’t taste chef-boy-ar-dee ish.  Instead, I use BBQ sauce, pesto, garlic infused olive oil, or no sauce at all!  Apparently sauce wasn’t always paired with pizza.

My favorite toppings include hot Italian sausage, goat cheese, chopped basil, and sundried tomatoes.  Really, once you have the crust and sauce down, there are endless possibilities.

Watch as I make a new creation!
Step 1: Wine

Step 2: Toss ingredients together for the crust, let rise, and roll out.

Press out the dough into your desired thickness.  This one was a thin crust, no corn meal.

Step 3: TOPPINGS!!!!
Pesto and artichokes.

Something interesting I found about sundried tomatoes…they can be better than just yoinking them out of the jar they come in.  Haha I had no idea.  Just boil them in water for 10 minutes or so and they will get reconstituted a slight bit, just enough to make them a little soft.

OK, back to toppings…
Chopped basil (chopping is easier if you roll the leaves up)

Pine nuts, prosciutto, and drizzled olive oil.

Top it all off with some parmesan and you are oven-ready!

Ta-da!  Easy as pie…pizza pie! 

Ok, so now that you know all my pizza secrets, I won’t post any more pizza posts until I’ve made something totally awesome and new.



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