Who would you eat first

Robinson Crusoe is the book of choice for the month of May’s book club.  The meeting is on Thursday and I’m still 100 pages shy of finishing, but I have confidence I can make it if I ride the bus to work and actually take my lunch breaks.

I tend to avoid classics in my “leisure” reading time because I spent the majority of my college days reading classics for my major (yes, I am a secret English major too).  But this was the ladies’ choice and who am I to say no?  Plus, I needed to get out of my pop-fiction slump.

Anyway, it’s much better than I thought it was going to be.  Typically those high school required readings are uber boring, but I’m totally intrigued as to what new crazy contraption Crusoe is going to build and whether or not he’s going to be eaten by cannibals.  Which has got me thinking…what would I be like on a deserted island?  Would I try to build as many crazy things as Crusoe?  He’s been there for 23 years and still hasn’t gone insane without human companions.  Could I possibly stay sane?
I don’t think I would make it.  We’ll find out if he does!
I’m also intrigued by this:

I think Pierce Brosnan is a horrible actor, but maybe deserted man beast is something he can do well?


P.S. On an unrelated note…Tenaciously Yours is having a birthday giveaway!!!  Hopefully my blog is around as long as her and I continue to have at least 2 readers a day (thanks bf and my pops).  In the meantime, I’ll feed off of her success and try to win a coach mini!


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