Night recap

Well, the first wedding as an adult was a great success!  The only thing I regret?  I totally missed the garter and bouquet toss somehow!! pffffbt… oh well

I did a pretty decent job taking pictures of the event (I tend to forget about documenting the night about 2 glasses of wine in). 

The ceremony was at my old church, very traditional, but adorable at the same time.  I teared up when the bride walked down the isle (so did the groom!).  After the ceremony we had an hour to kill, so we went to an oyster bar for a quick cocktail.

I had a great experience with a “Dark and Stormy” cocktail on a flight home from New Zealand with Bundaberg rum and Bundaberg ginger beer.  This was not the same at all, but just ordering it gave me warm fuzzies of that trip AND it came in a totally adorable jug! 

Enjoying our cocktails and catching up!

I thought the wedding cake was beautiful!  I liked that they used a variety of colors for the flowers.  Each bridesmaid and groomsman had a different color bouquet or corsage, respectively.

The table decorations were also very lovely.  The simplicity of it made it seem very clean and elegant.

Here’s a close-up!

There was some time to kill in between courses…

Dinner was a spinach stuffed chicken breast, potato bake, and mixed veggies.  It was totally delicious.  I hear on the grapevine that wedding food is supposed to be cold and dry, this was not the case.  I think I’ll have cold and dry food at my wedding just to live up to standards.

Two varieties of cake!  Both were tasty, but the chocolate won me over.

This server brought us game scores, forbidden extra cake, and a fountain of beers!

The locale: Minneapolis Golf Club.  Simple and elegant.

Ems and I with the blushing bride!  I cried every time I saw her…something about brides man.

 Sorority sisters, the groom, and some old dude with a bowtie!!!

It was a lovely wedding, really all of it.  They thought out the tiniest of details and I had a blast.  This was a much more traditional wedding and I confirmed my opinion that traditional is not for me.  But it also gave me a new thought, that my family would probably love for me to have a traditional wedding.  C’est la vie!



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